10 reasons why clients not hiring you


10 reasons why clients not hiring you


Have you ever wondered why clients are not hiring you?  Few years ago, demand for freelance workers was bigger than now.  That was the time when freelance work became so popular, everybody wanted to join the field. Today, more and more freelancers are struggling to land a gig.

Could the reason be the fact that there’s just too much competition? Definitely, it’s a factor, but also, the problem is you. Here are 10 possible reasons, why clients don’t want to hire you.


  1. You don’t have a portfolio

In order to know if they can depend on you with their project, clients will want to see your previous work. After all, how can you be trustful without any proven experience?

Clients will always want to look at your portfolio. Surprisingly most freelancers never bother to create one for themselves.

There are many ways how to present your portfolio most convenient is online portfolios. You can use your won website or you can create special account for it.


  1. Your rate are working against you

Getting the right rate is a balancing art. How much you charge on your projects, can work against you. It’s hard to decide the worth of your work. You don’t want to seem too expensive to possible clients, however you can’t underprice yourself.

If your rates are too low, you run the risk looking unprofessional. Cheap is not what client is looking for, everyone knows, that if you want quality, it’s not going to be cheap.  If you set your price too low, many will assume that by being the cheapest, you’re not doing your work in the highest quality.

On the other hand if your rates are too high, you might look unapproachable to many clients. Of course, you shouldn’t underprice yourself, you should earn what you deserve, just do it smart. Always pay attention, on how clients respond if your clients don’t reject you, you can probably keep raising those rates.


  1. Your online presence is non-existent

Clients often take time to look for you online. If your name and face don’t pop-up on the top, they might stop looking and hire someone else.

You don’t need to be all over Internet, only make sure that you at least launch website and create main profiles on the biggest social media channels.



  1. Your freelancing website looks bad

If you want to get clients through your website, it should look appealing. Best suggestion – clean it up. Make sure it’s absolutely clear that you want people to hire you. Make sure your clients can reach you, create easy ant quick way to contact you.

Your About page is also important. This is the field, where you must represent yourself at your best. Visitors and potential clients are always interested to learn more, to make sure you’re trustful and professional. Here is the place, you should prove that choosing you is the best option.

Least, but not least, if you’re using default design theme or a free hosting domain this can also work against you. Take time on your page and it’s design, it’s the first step of proving that you take your job seriously.


  1. Your social media profiles need cleaning up

So you have online presence and all needed accounts, but you haven’t arranged it properly, perhaps it’s working against you? When was the last time you checked your social media accounts to see if you look solid or not?

While it’s good not to be afraid to reveal your personality, be aware that your party life could not be appealing for your clients. If you want to get hired for a freelancing gig, consider cleaning up your social accounts, sorting anything you wouldn’t want a possible client to see.


  1. BAD spelling and grammar

You can have the best looking design, website, incredible online portfolio, but if your proposals are full of bad spelling and grammar errors, this will all be for nothing.

Clients don’t want to hire someone, who doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your, and makes other simple grammar mistakes.

If you’re not confident with your grammar, consider hiring an editor to get a second look on your site. They might be more likely to spot mistakes and errors with a fresh outlook.


  1. You don’t have enough experience

Lack of experience is also one more factor that’s stopping clients from hiring you.

Freelancing isn’t about overnight success, it more like a long bumpy road. Further you work, this will be less and less a problem.

For now, have as many samples as you can.  Fill your portfolio with examples and remember that guest post is a fantastic way to show your quality.


  1. Clients can’t reach you

It’s already been mentioned how important is to have direct way to reach you on your page. But is it really helpful if it takes days to replay to a client?

You need to be active and replay as quickly as you can, otherwise someone faster will take your client away.

Take a few minutes every day to go through your emails and respond to the messages. This will prevent you from being unorganized and rushing to put together thoughtless answer.


  1. You references are poor

Here’s one good rule – client is always right. Take your time, and make your client happy. It only takes one bad review or feedback from a client and three more to hear about how screwed up his project for all of them to avoid you like a plague.

First thing clients do is checking your references, so make sure you’re completely satisfying your client with high quality work and professional manners, even if they’re really annoying you.


  1. You need to look harder

If you’re just waiting for clients to come to you, you’re going to wait for a long time. Take responsibility to your hands. Be active; invest more time into finding new gigs yourself. Don’t be afraid to call or email potential clients either.

Clients can be very picky, but you can find the right way to sell yourself.


Of course, some of the factors you can’t influence, but there are plenty of things you’re doing for potential clients, which are connected for more. Work on them and you will see a lot more gigs coming your way.

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