30 Trigger Words to Use in Online Writing for Connections & Results


30 Trigger Words to Use in Online Writing


30 Trigger Words to Use in Online Writing for Connections & Results. Does it sound familiar? You’re working on your project, searching for information, writing it, editing it, and feeling quite good about yourself. And it’s time to publish it, and then it’s this moment, when you find out, that only few people reviewed it, probably even fewer of them read it.

It’s quite disappointing.

According to research it’s common scenario in online copywriting. Only 2-3 % of readers will click to actually read the text. So what’s the point of spending so much time on all this work?

Luckily the problem is not your writing, it’s the words you’re using.


30 Trigger words you should be using in your online writing


Lucky for you there are trigger words you can use in your online copywriting for better results

  1. Affirmative Words: YES

YES can be exactly what you need to help your readers take an extra step and click on your link. It’s the most efficient for people, who are looking to learn a new skill, start a new venture or develop a new connection. YES signifies affirmation and possibility. So yes, there is the most simple way to boost your open rates. This is the top trigger word – it grabs attention immediately!

  1. Attention – Grabbing Words: YOU

If you want your followers feeling like your friends, you need to reach out to them personally. While using their name is one way to do this, addressing them directly is completely different. The word YOU grabs readers attention and makes them feel like you created this marketing email specifically for their benefit. It triggers. The word YOU has this funny thing, it feels conversational and this way it helps readers relate to your content and attach to your message.

  1. Personalized Words: Your Readers name

If you’re trying to be spotted, you might consider playing the name game. According some researches, adding a customers name to a marketing project or an email can highly increase your open rate. Adding customers name to an email headline is so effective, it triggers a portion of a human’s brain that handles recognition.

Name using is one unique way to boost your click-through rates.

  1. Wonder words: DISCOVER & UNLOCK

DISCOVER is a word, which reminds us of a childhood. It takes you back to sweet childhood memories, which are filled with excitement and desire to get to know everything.  Adding DISCOVER or UNLOCK gives reason to readers to get interested, this way you can attract more attention.

5. Reason words: BECAUSE

Your readers need a reason to believe what you’re saying, this way they will take action that you’re asking them to take. Using word BECAUSE in your online copywriting can be an effective way to inspire confidence and lay out cause-and-effect scenarios.

6. Bargain Words: FREE

Everyone loves a good deal. Including word FREE to your writing is a great way to grab attention and promote engagement. Using word FREE, can appeal your readers sense of economy and assure them that you’re really offering bargain.

7. Novelty Words: NEW

People love new things, new is excitement, it can drive people crazy. Making it clear to your readers will guarantee you feedback. Humans are programmed for innovates, so possibility of something new and exciting is a great way to boost an engagement. Also, promising something new and thrilling can help your marketing stand from dozens of your customers intuitively seeing your posts or emails.

8. Immediate response words: ACT NOW

People react faster when you limit their time, so including words like: NOW, TODAY or LIMITED TIME in your online copywriting can go a long way toward earning you more engagement. Customers respond to a demand for immediacy, so this way you can be sure, that you’ll get right amount of attention.

9. High – ROI Words: AMAZING

Readers get ton of promotions and emails on a daily basis, they don’t want to spend their time on something that’s not going to deliver groundbreaking content. This is the reason why using words that promise high ROI (AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, ASTOUNDING) for the click can help your content get read more often.

10. Minimal Risk Words: GUARANTEE

Customers like to be sure, in addition to be safe and economical they’re also risk-adverse, which means they’re more likely to notice a headline, which gives them a guarantee.

11. One-stop-shop words: EVERYTHING

Modern people want expansive content, all they can get in one. Give them knowledge, content and relevance in one place, and you can be sure, that you’ve provided them knowledge. Assure your readers that your content teaches them “Everything they need to know” about a story or a topic and you can appeal to a reader’s sense of efficiency

12. Absolute Solution Words: THE

Readers don’t want just any solutions for content creation they want THE solutions for their content creation.

13. Reliable Words: PROVEN

And again, customers want to be sure. Highlight them that your content is backed up by research and statistics by using word PROVEN in your marketing.

14. Simple words: EASY

Nobody wants to click on a headline which suggest you “ 10 impossible methods for informative content marketing” instead, people want something easy, something they can understand and something that will work. By using words like: SIMPLE, EASY and STREAMLINED in your content you can get this result.

15. Quality Words: PREMIUM

Here again we’re playing with psychology, word PREMIUM makes customer sure that your product is the best in the industry, which inspires consumer to trust in your brand.

16. Solution Words: HOW TO

A HOW-TO article is easy recognizable format for the readers. Customers expects to get the promise of a solution, so they understand that reading it will help them discover it.

17. Abundant Words: MORE

Customers want to know that choosing you, over your competition is smart decision. Because of this, using word MORE in your online copywriting helps ensure your customers that they made right decision.

18. Low obligation Words – No obligation

In addition to fact, that customers like to be risk-free, they’re also commitment-phobes. For this reason, ensuring that they don’t have to commit to anything and enjoy your product or service can be great way to get their attention.


Make your customers trust you, fulfill your their fear of obligation by assuring them that they can get their money back if they’re not satisfied with your services. Once they’ll know you’re trustworthy …

20. VIP words: ELITE

Let your customers feel exclusive by using words like ELITE or VIP in your marketing. In addition to help customers feel special, these words also signify rarity and quality of your product.

21. Hypothetical Words: IF

Hypothetical scenarios trigger a customer’s sense of wonder and excitement. What IF your reader chose to make this life decision? How would their life change IF? Adding the word IF can be super effective, especially when used in the context of “IF this, then THAT”, What IF you’ll try to adapt it to your content?

22. Coveted Information Words – SECRET

Let your costumers know, they’re gaining access to something secret by providing your top tips or exposing them to the secrets of the pros. You’ll not only create a sense of wonder to your reader, you’ll also ensure your clients they’re accessing high-quality information.

23. Immediate Reward Words: INSTANT

Providing your costumers instant access to something that can help them, gives you a credit as trustworthy and beneficial. Also it’s more likely, that they’ll click right know, than later on. Not only you’ll attract more clients, you’ll also improve click- through rates and boost reader engagement.

24. Short Time frame words: TODAY

Again, limited time. Framing time to TODAY, you’re showing something that everyone can put their hands on, this way, you’re not only boost your conversion rates but also you’ll encourage a sense of immediacy in your readers.

25. Herd mentality Words: EVERYONE

One is used to follow the crowd. By showing your readers that everyone is clicking or showing them exactly how many subscribers have already converted, you can ensure your readers that taking the action is what any reasonable person would do.

26. Fear-including words: WORSE

Nobody wants anything to get worse, appealing to this very basic fear and promising a solution so it go away is success to your web content. This is very effective way to get your clicks up.

27. Negative Benefit Words: NEVER


“Never overpay for something…” “Never make some mistake again” These headlines appeal to a persons sense as a negative benefit. If it comes to a readers senses that clicking on your content can help them avoid something undesirable, there’s a big chance to do so.

28. Real life Words: REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS

Customers are more likely to trust real, lifelike solutions, so giving them real world advice is a great way to turn on their curiosity and get them to click. Not every customer is an expert, and not everyone understands incredible high-level topics, so keeping it simple always works out.

29. Add on Words – P.S

Adding simple post-script to your emails can be a great way to make your customers feel like they’re getting a goodie at the end of your content. Many successful bloggers practice this in their marketing content.

P.S pieces are especially effective when you have something extra to offer or you’re adding extending benefit only available to your email subscribers.

30. Desire – Focused Words – WANT

“Do you want to learn more about trigger words?” “Do you want complete more work with less stress?” of course readers want these things. Everyone has desire for clarity, so they’ll click the content that helps them understand how to get the things they’re looking for.


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