Basic rules from online etiquette


Basic rules from online etiquette


Online etiquette? Is it important? Are there specific rules? Of course, etiquette, which is commonly used in our everyday lives is not usually seen or heard of in our digital environment. However it is something that it part of us, it defines the proper way to behave in any given situation both online and offline.


Therefore, as freelancers or clients, we should be responsible of the way we engage others on different platforms such as private message exchanges, clarification board and etc. Doing this right, will ensure that we get the best out of our engagements with clients.


Here are five etiquette rules to guide you when engaging customers, freelancers and others online


  1. Respect is mandatory

Although it may seem easy to forget of this when communicating with someone you have never met, being respectful is important. Before you’re typing your message consider how would you feel if you received the same text.


  1. Spelling and grammar

It is important not to forget, that you’re not chatting with your friends. Keep your language formal.  You should endeavor to keep your writing style professional. Try to be perspicuous and clear.


  1. Mind what you share.

Be aware that private conversation between you and other person could not forever be private. Keep in mind, that you should carefully share information and details. It is very important not to jeopardise your safety.


  1. Remember you are on a mission

Making a deal with customer works like a mission. It’s a formal conversation, so if your customer said something unpleasant, responding immediately may not be the best choice. Rather take some time and respond professionally keeping business topic first.


  1. Be ready to forgive

Being able to forgive always helps, especially, when you have clear priorities. Communicating can be quite difficult, it’s more difficult when you can’t meet your client, so if your client slips, don’t react and finish your deal like a professional.

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