Becoming a freelance writer from the beginning


Becoming a freelance writer from the beginning

Thinking about becoming a freelance writer? So it‘s time to think about how can you start, what is the best place for that? Everyone should start somewhere, so probably you heard some of those places like bidding sites or some freelance writing platform. Sincerely – it won‘t help you. Those are the places where you will feel exploited and not rated properly. The fact that you are beginner doesn‘t mean that you aren‘t worthy.

Writing field

Firstly, you have to distinguish your main writing field. That‘s one topic which you are interested in the most and have an ability to write about. It‘s very important not only for your professional improvement but also for your future clients. When you write down who you are and what exactly are you doing, you should say not only that you are a freelance writer but also what kind of a freelance writer. It should be a specific description which describes a certain field you are working with. For example, if the client is searching for the freelance writer which can write professional texts about finance. He won‘t choose you if you described yourself just as a „freelance writer“. Being a good writer isn‘t what are you willing to do – you should be willing to be one of those professionals who gets higher pay for knowledge of that specific field.


Secondly, you should create your website. I know that it sounds like „so much work to do and i don‘t know how to do that“, but you must do that if you want to succeed. Invest those several coins at least to the most simple website but fill it with valuable content. And that‘s a very important step to your clients because they need your online work examples – the website should be your business website.


After creating your website you should „get up it for a life“. Create there some relevant content – as a samples – referred to that specific area you are improving yourself in. Everything you write should help you find your clients and for clients – believe that you are worth to work with them. Now when you have some samples you can start monotonous but very essential step – writing emails to the selected companies or some private clients about who you are, what are you doing, where do you specialize and so on.

Small tip

Remember that despite it seems boring it‘s a necessity. Do not copy the same email for all the recipients – in every letter should be a sign of authenticity. You should show them why YOU should be chosen and why you want to work with THEM. The truth is that the majority of recipients will reject you even without a respond. That is normal and don‘t feel unwanted – if they don‘t want you there will be others who wants your service. If you really want to succeed fast – you shouldn‘t wait until somebody notice you – be proactive, send those emails at least for 20-25 clients per day. It‘s a hard work but it pays well – there are always some companies which needs you.


When searching a job you must be enterprising. Look not only for jobs which are on the job boards. Also constantly improve your website and it‘s content quality to attract new clients. Social media is one of the best places to do that. Let‘s take LinkedIn for example. It‘s a professional profiles platform. It really influences duration of finding a job online. On LinkedIn you should write the most important facts about yourself. More importantly – about your ability to write some specific texts. Also place all your professional posts in the specific area. Follow these simple but attention requiring rules and you will become a professional freelance writer as soon as you have started.

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