How to create quality content in 7 steps


How to create quality content in 7 steps


Content marketing is a key for successful online presence managing


We all do talk about content writing. While we all know that Social media and blogging are the key to successful marketing, we all missed very important detail – article writing. This is the strategy that will take your marketing to the next level.  Article writing will increase your content quality, rise exposure and most importantly it will create long – term results.

Although to attract this kind of attention, you really must know how to make your words attractive. Short and simple texts combined with rich vocabulary and informative lines and also good grammar always helps. Of course, not everyone can pull this of, but there’s nothing, you can’t learn. If you have willingness and patience to improve your writing skills, this article is exactly for you. We will improve your skills and help you get started


  1. Prewriting

  • Get to know your audience needs, goals, obstacles
  • Consider what’s having been said
  • Brainstorm solutions
  • Research given credible sources
  • Form an original hypothesis
  1. Outline

  • List all the main points
  • Organize all ideas together
  • Choose a format, which suits the topic best
  • Create sub headings
  1. Draft

  • Lead with creativeness
  • Be original
  • Deliver best quality
  1. Revise

  • Remove irrelevant content
  • Find holes in logic
  • Diminsh 10% of your article
  1. Proofread

  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Sentence structure, syntax, run- on sentences
  • Commonly used words
  1. Final edits

  • Read and repeat all steps
  • Ask someone to review your work

Finally, sum up all the tips. They are not that hard – just simple don’t forget to use them. Make a habit from those simple content writing tips and sooner or later you will become the specialist.

We do believe that you need to know more if you are willing to be the Pro. Read different opinions, expert secrets and try them – everything works when you use it.

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