Are You copywriting or making content?


Are You copywriting or making content?


You are Copywriting or making content? Ask yourself even you are already working or just planning to start your own writing career and joining different marketplaces, searching for customers, creating portfolios and etc. Mostly everyone know the goal –  writer, the person who puts words in text. Who is passionate about writing and claiming for the customer that is the one, who will create the content customer and his clients need.  

But now just stop for a second. What if it’s not the way it looks like? Writing is not just a simple writing. There are so many forms of writing. So, what kind of writing you are making? Are you copywriting maybe you are making content? Sure? Let’s check!



Basic points of those often misunderstood writing forms:



Giving you some basic points, basic tips to feel the difference of copywriting and writing content. It might look similar even simple – really not changing the world. Giving those advices as I still can find these mistakes in different blogs, e shops and etc. And You know what? Mistakes brings emotion – not to buy, not to read. That’s why read carefully it might help You to avoid simple mistakes and have a satisfied client.


  • To sell – leads to action.
  • To promote.
  • Is snappy, mostly short.
  • Intrigues – provocates emotions.
  • Is for short term goals.
  • Tells.

Content writing

  • To inform – just wants you to know.
  • Gives you a knowledge.
  • Holistic – written from different points of view.
  • Causes logical thinking.
  • Recommends.
  • Helps to achieve long time goals.


Be sure about the goal 


These  differences are all about the same. Copywriting and making content have different purpose – different goals. Before you start your career as a writer. Make sure you understand your writing purpose perfectly. Are You writing to persuade or to give a knowledge?

I am not giving you lifetime changing conclusion. I am giving you practical example. Have a look at the picture. Think, what emotions it brings. Your own experience is the key if you want to become successful copywriting or content writing freelancer.

Are you writing or creating content

I am giving You an example. Check Your knowledge. This article is content writing. Notice: advertisement is copywriting.