Attract the Best Freelancers 


Attract the Best Freelancers


Searching for freelancers to work with your project? Something is not attracting them to start collaboration? Attract them to project with simple changes! We all know that searching for best freelancer may take time, energy. You want to work with best team and have the best results. But the truth is that freelancers also have lots of opportunities, jobs offers. They are also choosing their clients.  We asked our freelancers what is attracting to project, what helps to decide and work with client?

Attracting the Best Freelancers to Your Project


Firstly, we all do notice the name of the project. It can be sharp and descriptive. Also,  clear but light toned. It makes huge difference. Sometimes, you even don’t want to open description as name haven’t grabbed your attention. Your project should have clear and simple name.



Here you should put more effort and attention. In description you should write clearly everything from project requirements to the type of business. Give a big picture of what the project is about.

Describe the task by adding links, examples. Clearly introduce to the project goals. Explain most specific and most important details about your needs. That all show how much you care about project and will help freelancer to get interested in your project.

Be specific with business type, business goals and target group. It is also helping to create the whole picture of your needs.

Don’t forget to mention language proficiency, estimated hours required, the tools and systems that will be used in the tasks. It will save freelancers time, yours also, as candidates consider your project and apply only if interested.

Personality in project post


Most of freelancers have chosen this lifestyle and type of work with purpose. They have decided to work with projects they are interested in and with people they do like. It might sound insane but believe me. No one wants to work with arrogant and not respectful people. Sometime freelancers better chose smaller projects than big promising deals where they don’t feel the good vibe – it’s simply doesn’t attract them and is not interesting. So, as posting your project, first of all, be clear  and strict about its requirements but not too heavy in tone and writing manner. Believe me, that works.`

I do hope you understood and got answer to your personal question: how to attract the best freelancer to my project. Maybe there just some small details missing, maybe you will change the whole concept. But also remember after  posting your project as you will  get freelancers questions, that dialogue is not less important to prove everything you described in project task.

So start now and post your project!