Decided to blog and after writing one more well researched blog you’ve understood, you don’t have time to blog as your are also running all your business.

Yes, this happens when you are trying to build long time running business – you are too busy for small tasks. You understand – the only way to reach many people is blogging, but how to solve this limited time problem?

There are some tricks, strategies that have helped me to have enough time in the day to blog.


Set Your Priorities


This is the basic rule for any kind of work and activity. We Own our time and only we decide and set right priorities.

As I am advising lots of freelancers I have found that majority had the problem not with timing but with determination.

My advice.Write down all the of blogging benefits and then write down why you are too busy. Just find out the real reasons why you don’t have time to blog and take responsibility for this. Maybe you don’t have time to blog as it is not interesting or not beneficial for your business?

Decide the time to work

Let’s just be very clear. If blog gives you benefits, you must find time and take responsibility for that. Have you ever thought that there are different strategies to blog? You can set time once in the day, but also you can set some more time once in a week.

You can decide and make schedule which works for you and you business!

You can try to work on your blog in one way or another and compare the results. When you are more productive?


Set the deadline


Greatest productivity tools is a deadline. You can disagree but setting time for task is the best way to stay focused, work and get to the point and keep the schedule you have set. Be honest with yourself and don’t try to fool yourself that you need inspiration and etc. If you think that you don’t have time to blog and disagree with deadline you are just making excuse. Once again, remember, you are doing this for your business or your career.



How many time you have already started to blog and have interrupted blogging with the call, new email from partners even friends or kids who just came to ask something?

Here I suggest. After you have scheduled the time to blog just choose place where you can concentrate, turn off the phone and email. It can wait for a while.

Same works If you are interrupting yourself! Yes, this happens with excuses that you need inspiration and etc. Just focus, don’t try to fool yourself, again set the deadline (use timer if needed) and WORK.


Keep writing in the field


It is the best advice for people who are busy but still understand how important is to blog. Writing and expertising not only saves your time as you are reading more researches in same theme, but also gives you loyal audience.

Find your own method


I am sure that everyone has it’s own methods which help to blog. In my opinion, the biggest thing you have to do before writing the blog, is being clear and honest with yourself. What I need to do to have time, to be productive, to write straight to the point? Maybe I have to read researches whole week and sit down to write on Sunday? Maybe I have create template and drafts of the posts and edit them before publishing?

Find your way! Before you’ll find your own helping methods – use those tricks. They are universal and can be used not only for blogging.


Good luck! If you have any questions  or want to consult our bloggers – contact our team!