Most of us works and lives for success. We even hear and believe in idea “find a job you love and you won’t work a day in your life”. It’s totally great to have this mindset and believe that it is possible. I think, this idea leads to believe that creating successful blog is the key to success in life and success in work, but…

How many blogs end up failing? 9 out of 10? Why? It is so easy, so relaxing and you are working for your idea! It has to work! Let’s see the situation, what is the difference between successful and failed blog?



The idea of blog


I have selected most popular ideas before even starting blog. You may find yourself in the same situation. You may disagree.  I am writing about 70% of people before starting their blog. It’s  based on material I’ve found on lots of other blogs:

– Blog is the place to express myself – show people how interesting I am;

– It is the way to success in career (get famous) and in personal life;

– Running blog is easy, you just simply keep updating content;

– After I will reach my audience I will sell every idea I have.




You already understood, to be successful in blog writing is better be realistic and not brainwashed with ideas of blogging!


– Blogging takes a lot of time, creativity and energy;

– Benefits from blogging can come later than you thought;

– Lack of results demotivates even the prepared and serious individual;

– Even if audience came easily to your blog,  it is  hard to keep their attention.



Creating successful blog


As we already discussed about expectations and reality it is time to tell, how should you strategize to have successful blog? I am using contradiction logic by writing mistakes and interpretations how to avoid those failures.


Too many posts


You are working hard creating new content. You are sure, you won’t fail, that why you have to show your activity. Very good, update your posts do your best.

But also remember. Just post on your platform will take very very long time to get the audience of readers. If you want to catch attention – promote your already written material. To create successful blog doesn’t mean only quantity, have some high quality posts, material and promote them. You can even update your old one posts. People love it, google love it too.


You haven’t planned promotion strategy


Other important thing, you already understood. It is not enough to have your own blog website and content in it. You have some high quality articles, keep updating them on Facebook, Twitter, searching for other promotion platforms, but still you don’t have your audience.

What is missing here? Yes, you should communicate with others, who already have traffic.

First of all, people can really give you advices. Also, they can tell to their audience about you.

It is smart strategy and smart plan. Agree?


Your content is same and not unique


So you already have some audience. People are reading you, they are coming to your blog. But you have noticed – they are one time readers. They are not coming back also your audience is not growing. It is big problem while creating really successful blog.


My tip – read again all your blog posts. Find the main goal and main idea of all your posts. Answer yourself – what makes me different? What is my unique and strong points? By finding this you can make more specific content of your blog. Point out your strongest ideas, make people return to find unique answers, unique content – only this can bring you loyal audience and make your blog successful.


P.s Unique blog is also important for influencers. If they don’t see anything separating you from others blogs, they won’t be interested in representing your material with their audience, so be very sure, what makes you different and unique!



Are you still here?


In conclusion I just want to say that all your dreams can be true – you will have your successful blog. Just don’t be brainwashed that  it’s easy and don’t give up!

Use your energy wisely. Have a plan and work for success!


If you need advices or any kind of help while creating blog, You can contact our community by finding the help you need!