Habits of Successful Freelancers


Habits of Successful Freelancers


Successful Freelancers are the ones who ruling the business world. Questioning what habits you need to become the one? Maybe you are new to freelancing and have no idea how it looks inside the business. In fact, I’ve met office workers who were interested in freelancing. They were planning to quite jobs and start full time freelancing career and you know what? I have stopped them. Yes, stopped and gave them full picture of freelancing so after true color picture, they could take the right decision.

This time I am giving you few points of how habits that successful freelancers have. Most of them share same reality. Freelancers must be very sure about their time and plan it right.


Habits of Successful Freelancers


It doesn’t work fast


According to 80% freelancers, they spend more than 60% of their time searching for new clients, projects and deals. That means that it takes really long time and energy to find clients and projects for full time work. It is long term marathon, you have to be well prepared for it and don’t expect quick start. That’s why I suggest to start from extra paid projects and keep you full time work.

Portfolio and experience matters


When freelancing it is always better to have portfolio of your previous projects and works. Successful freelancer can boats with his work, what to do if you are new? Don’t try to get everything from first deals. Most of people start from small or not paid projects  just to prepare portfolio and get reviews. You can even make an advertisement that you are new, motivated and want to get experience – honesty works.


Work and plan wisely


So again time planning. I already have mentioned that good timing is the key to successful freelance. How to be more effective while working remotely? I have given some tips here. They work when you have your long term projects. When you are new and you need to win competition between experienced freelancers and other freelance babies use my technique – work when others are relaxing, chilling and spending money. Simple, logical – be active and online when client needs you not when you have mood for extra work.

Build connections


Simple and effective tip. You can work on your own and only online but chances to get more projects and do more are when you are sharing deals and tasks. Many freelancers are successful because they know their field perfectly and they don’t waste time and energy on other kind of deals. That’s why they work in team. Everyone is responsible for it’s own field. Connections also help to keep motivated. You can not only work together but also find some new friends and share same lifestyle ideas!

Value yourself


Success in professional career is all about your work and experience. Success in freelancing is all the same. We all know that for excellent project result you have to plan your time a do best you can.  For good review you have to put effort and make client happy. If you want to avoid mistakes, you have to know all little secrets of project – have experience in the field.  You need to work for success not dream for it, but still. Value yourself. It is so much important. Put the effort. Do your best but don’t waste your precocious time working with projects you are not paid for or your effort is not valued. Have your prices, know your time and your experience value. It is important for the success.

In conclusion, I want to remind again. That the key of success in freelance is the perfect timing. All freelancing is an opportunity to build your own business. Some freelancers dream that it is an escape from the everyday grind, the truth YOU MUST BE AWARE OF – is it’s just a different type of grind. Find your field, your niche. Create your portfolio, don’t save time and effort while creating it. Train hard while searching for clients and projects. And work. Work to prove  you can also become successful freelancer.

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