Partners in traffic or sales are necessary!



Partners in traffic or sales are necessary!

We are looking for partners for cooperation:

sellers, webmasters, partners, bloggers, specialists in a traffic.

Which could give a suitable English-speaking traffic / sales for online exchange of freelance services

GEO: English-speaking Internet (USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Scandinavian countries and Europe, Asia)


The directions for a traffic on which the majority of orders are:

– Texts and translations

– Academic/student’s works

– Web, programming

– Design

– Video, audio service



You can develop any freelance services which you understand.

We discuss conditions individually with everyone, we offer long-term partner/friendly cooperation. But if it is short: payments of 20 – 50% from sale.

In our niche clients remain for a long time and for years generate orders, the average check is $350 generally orders from $200 to 2000. But orders come with the budget in a year and with 4-5 zero.


One attracted client as investment, brings benefit for a long time. As the choice of services big, additional sales are present which also yield additional revenue. Especially there is a lot of income in IT industry, quite often clients make profit for years.

It is not such fast and emotional money as in the commodity, but return of investments is higher and referrals bring in more passive income for time.

We agree to support experiments, theories, to adapt to different channels of a traffic.


If there are questions or offers write on: [email protected]



wiirk com

Why we:

What is WIIRK?

It is a shop of freelance services, synergy of freelance and a workplace, all conveniences of freelance and a guarantee as at the employer.

It is a virtual workplace which provides people with permanent job for all their life, at the same time you can work worldwide, the only thing that you are limited by is the language which you speak. The geography of accommodation isn’t important.


Who and how works in the project?

The representativeы of professions which can be provided by the freelancer online and which can be made by means of the computer.

Working with WIIRK, a freelancer is independent and plans the day him/herself, but he/she is a responsible expert in the business, the own boss but people can rely on him/her as on the reliable performer.


What does the service?

Service cares for all questions, orders, payment methods, solves controversial problems, helps with projects, insures you when you are ill. You don’t have to look for orders, agree about money,  worry that it isn’t convenient to someone to work at your conditions, to think of things which aren’t within your competence. All, that doesn’t concern your work, undertakes wiirk. (Often clients deceive, use cunning, give tasks which weren’t at the beginning, vanish, detain payments or are very inconvenient, they need strange types of payment, contracts, accounts, explanations, etc.) WIIRK cares for all these questions, undertaking them.

WIIRK is the place, you come turning on the computer, your virtual office, your workplace with the guaranteed work every day.

If you are a freelancer and the specialist of your branch, the reliable and good person, WIIRK is the place where you will be able to realize your potential and work in the spirit of the times as the modern expert, working in the conditions of the modern world. Travel, learn the world, find friends, live the place where you want to, work where it is convenient to you. Don’t spend time for a trip to work, meetings, office where it isn’t pleasant for you to be. You operate the destiny, live as you want!


Feature of the project:

Freelancers work at the website in cooperation with partners/sellers and share with them the budget as the team is always more effective than 1 person and it is possible to make more. Partners bring new clients and thus attract constant orders, and freelancers do their best, without spending time for communication and processing/heating of clients. (that most often they do not do really well, that’s why lots of customers vanish)

It is convenient for the client as he doesn’t spend time, doesn’t risk money, there is no possibility to be deceived (we check and we control all freelancers). Also we can pick up team of performers for work on a large project.

And the client receives all this by the first inquiry, he has no need to look for freelancers for hours, interview them. On any inquiry we provide necessary services and we select necessary people.


If there are questions or offers write on: [email protected]