Do You really need to Blog?


    Do You really need to Blog?


    Started your own business and nowadays has really changed, often ask yourself do you really need to blog as most of traditional marketing ways have become old fashioned? Yes, some of experts suggest to use other content creating ways  – youtube video blogging – that gives more noticeable change, but you know what? Traditional blogging is basic way to promote your ideas and has long term influence for your website.

    Still doubting? Read our tips and be sure about starting to blog!


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    Why you need to start blogging?



    It is still the best way to get organic traffic.

    Ask yourself, how you search for solutions, services and information about something? Are you searching it in snapchat? We are still using Google for information search – it brings organic traffic to the website.

    Blog can ensure that searching people will find your website by posted solutions in the one field or other.


    It generates more leads.

    If you are using blog in correct way and writing as expert of your field –   it creates awareness of your services. Just focus on your field – doesn’t matter if it’s small and make your customer sure about your competence.

    It creates autonomy.

    Having your own blog guarantees control of reaching your costumers. Your own domain and hosting it is small independent world. If you are using other popular platforms to reach clients it is even better, but create your own space with organic traffic where you won’t be depended on changing policies and etc.

    It gives power to decide.

    You want to change design? You want to show your old texts? Having blog gives you power to make your own diary and share information by your rules and ideas.


    How to blog and get benefits ?


    Express Yourself – Express Your Thoughts

    You think , that other people have better writing style, better ideas that’s why sometimes you try to copy their style and posts? Stop it. If you have decided to blog, don’t be shy and show yourself! This is the biggest power of blogging – original and unique content.


    Establish Yourself as an Expert

    Blog is the perfect place, where you can put all your knowledge. It not only brings your potential customers but also tells a lot more about your services than advertising texts in the traditional website can tell!


    Stay Active in a Field

    Imagine situation, you want to order any kind of  services. You are choosing between 2 companies. One is always updating news, putting articles about new researches and etc. Other just “have their name” and basic information. Are you ready to decide? Basically, it is more reliable to choose the service that cares about showing their knowledge. So, stay active, put some effort and prove that you are the best.


    Connect to your readers

    Your readers – your audience is the honey of the blogging. They should be the main purpose. Your blog is helping someone by finding tips, others by choosing services – so stay connected with people who is reading you. You will be surprised how much power and new ideas people can bring!



    Still not sure do you have to blog? Contact our freelancers bloggers and give them your questions.  ASK HERE.