Tips to get more done when working remotely


Tips to get more done when working remotely


Started working remotely and noticed that you have too much distracting things around? Too many attention seekers who gets your mind and time? Been there, experienced that. Tips to get more done when working remotely not always help. In fact, most of my time they takes even more attention and distracts as you starting acting unnaturally.

Here is the thing. You have to get your things together and work if you want to get benefits from working remotely. There aren’t any medicine or TIPS that will make dramatic changes of productivity. Only one – recognize what distracts your attention and deal with that.

Tips to get more done when working remotely

My story

Simply want to share my experience. My story how I have deal with that. This really helped to make my day and work productive, doesn’t matter I have worked from home office or hub.

Recognize distractors

Yes, it sounds too simple. But working remotely brought loads of things that were stealing my attention. It is not only Facebook or smartphone as most of people think. It was also too many tea breaks, too many phone calls with family, too long breaks, event the feeling I will do that latter… In one word, when I started to work remotely  I felt too free to organize my own day. That was was the biggest distraction. The feeling that you can do it in my own way.

Remove them

After I have noticed that feeling I just removed all distractors from my way. Firts of all – phone control. Yes, my smart phone was on my desk, but on silent mode, all notifications stopped bothering me. Breaks – coffee, tea, phone talking, lunch making, pie baking… They were the biggest problem. Yes, I have agreed with my self while working remotely that I have only 3-4 breaks during the hours I decided to work. Same worked with the hub. NO smoking breaks, chating breaks, Facebook breaks.

PLAN your time

As you have already noticed. It is all about time. Biggest distraction is state of mind I have enough time for that and that… No. You don’t have more than 24 hours. So I made a deal with my self. I decided to work 5 hours a day. Have two breaks for 15 minutes. When I am checking Facebook and phone. One break for 30 minutes. When I am having luck or go for a walk. Also, I have decided that every morning, before all work I am making plan that consist MUST do today things.


That’s it. Nothing surprising. Not shocking tips but they have helped me to organize my day, to be more productive, get more things done while working remotely. My point is not to fight against your brain. Simply 1-2-3 step to make your day more productive. To get more done and really enjoy working remotely and get all its benefits.

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