10 writing tips to improve your writing skills


10 writing tips to improve your writing skills


Bloggers love to discus about writing skills, especially if they find mistakes in other writer content.  We often receive questions asking to select some writing tips to improve writing skills. Basically, it is impossible to separate any of them as writing quality depends on lots of small things and writing has different types, goals. Writer must be careful with every small detail and he must put attention to the whole content. Content could be compared to the body with all important parts of it, we can’t tell that something in the body is more important and something is less important. Same works with content. Although working with freelancers have shown that there are main principles and writing tips which have helped our freelancers to get to the point and become better writers.  (As heart is more life changing than body or hair)


Writing tips



1. Make a plan of the whole content.

2. Write the first draft spontaneously. Edit it only after writing the whole draft.

3. Train. Write 450 words and give yourself time limit. Write the first draft and rewrite it, rewrite and rewrite until its done.

4. Keep it short and simple. Use short sentences, simple words.

5. Read good writers, good articles and adopt their habits.

6. Stop worrying about the words – express yourself in your language and your unique style.

7. Use different words, avoid repeating (for inspiration read good articles).

8. Keep in touch and communicate with other writers – sometimes you just need support.

9. Rewrite your old texts, even try to rewrite other texts. Compare them and notice difference!

10. Be sure about your strong sides and make new goals. Writing skills are not accidentally improving – be sure, where you going.

After you have read these writing tips to improve your skills just take a paper and make small notice. What you were doing and what tips you were missing. It can be real help – be conscious and know your writing level. If you are still doubting. Just start reading and start writing. Work and practice more. Your writing skills can improve only by practicing – so be active!

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