Types of writing – know the difference


Types of writing – know the difference


You are freelancer writer who has just started the journey through the available jobs, options and possibilities. You are sure that “writing is just writing of various contents”. Surprise surprise there are so many ads that require specific skills – technical writing or copywriting.  What are the main differences? What should You know before starting?

We are giving you basic distinctions to understand the difference!

Types of writing




Main idea of copywriting is to persuade. It might be in forms such as simple advertisements, product packaging, press releases even brochures, flyers and leaflets. It’s closely related to the goals of marketing strategies.

The aim of impeccable copywriting is  to persuade and give people emotions by well known often cliche phrases such as “You won’t regret!” “This is what you need!” “Made with Love” and etc.

Giving You main forms of the copywriting:

Advertisements (brochures, flyers and leaflets). We all know its secret – it must seduce. Everything is designed for this main reason – to catch customers attention. Another – lead to the action – buying.

Product packaging – all kinds of materials and external packing decisions. Some catchy content. Nothing serious, but everything thought of thoroughly.

Press releases – content that brings emotions, created to persuade the audience. Catchy headline, short paragraphs, lists and etc.

Copywriting is all about bringing emotions, persuading and getting the reaction, mostly – buying.


Technical writing


Technical writing is different from copywriting. It has other main idea. Its is done to explain all kind of things. Yes, it doesn’t have aim to persuade. It is strictly about facts, processes, instructions, conditions, terms, contracts and documents.

When you write in technical form you don’t use any catchy details. You don’t try to persuade or evoke emotions. You write straight to the point. Only things that has to be explained in written form.

Clients who need any kind of technical writing expect that the writer understands what that entails. You have to be very sure about it’s formatting and writing.


Copywriting and technical writing intersection


Time to time we are meeting copywriting and technical writing intersection.  Here You should understand that it is two different types. Two types  with its own purposes. They are still different mutually.  Most common example where You can meet both. Writing content for technical item.  It has to be eye-catchy and informative, as well.  


Have you got the difference?


Basically the difference of writing forms is very clear, it’s very important to understand main thing – content has different aims. Every Time you are writing content, just ask yourself – what is the purpose of the text and don’t combine them.

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