What should you know about creating your resume?


What should you know about creating your resume?



Have you ever thought that simple changes in resume can change your whole career? Sounds impossible and unreal because You can not change your experience and yourself? But words can! Sell your story, yourself and your experiences and get promoted or get a new outstanding project!

Resume requires short, clear and simple writing technique. It should frame yourself and your experience. Small editions in language and writing style, clear vision of the purpose will definitely promote you and will help to get what you are seeking for.

Giving you tips for creating your resume


Use clear and short sentences


First of all, you have to get readers attention. It doesn’t matter if you are highly experienced professional or have less experience. If you have written long story about who you are it is not interesting to read. It doesn’t catch eye. Every reading person start to search for bold words and bullets. So first of all. Write straight to the point by using short and simple language!

Use keywords


It sounds strange? But let me remind you, we live in very fast world, so save readers time. Many companies already have CV scanners that search for certain kind of words. Be sure keywords are in your resume. Even if you are putting your CV on LinkedIn or creating your profile on Freelance marketplace it is always better to point out your abilities.

What should you know about creating resume


Focus on formatting


Formatting your resume is also very important. It must be done carefully and same in whole document. Here works same rules as with writing. Use simple font, better something classic and readable and same alignment. Also print your resume to see how it looks on paper (if you will send your CV). If using online resume option, make sure, there is enough of white space to increase readability.

Emphasize your skills


Resume the skills you have and list your skills at the top of your resume. Make eye catchy and selling points by using clear, describable words – keywords. Make sure, that they are relevant to the position you are attending to.

Highlight your greatest accomplishments


For many of you it is the the most difficult place. You have to describe what experience you have from previous works, prove the skills you have listed, use keywords and keep everything in short, strict form. Same technique, short sentences and not more than 5 describing sentences about one work. Also remember you can’t lie about your professional responsibilities.

Proofread and edit till perfection


Read your resume carefully and edit mistakes, punctuation (1st step). Read again with other purpose (2nd step) – search for keywords, add them or remove if used too much. Third step – read again and ask questions: What does this description tell? Why this skill have to be mentioned? Use as many steps of reading as you need. Every time you having another purpose of rereading. This will help you to get perfect resume.

Use professional help


If you doubting in your writing and resume editing skills you can get help from Wiirk experts! It is absolutely normal to ask for the help. You can have your resume written by professionals. Also get  consultation, edition of your CV, proofreading, formatting! All of these services are possible, so make everything to get your dream project or job!