What is WIIRK?


What is WIIRK?

What is WIIRK?

WIIRK – It is a freelance marketplace.

It is a virtual workplace which provides people with permanent job for all their life. At the same time you can work worldwide. The only thing that you are limited by is the language which you speak. The geography of accommodation isn’t important.

Who and how works in the project?

The representatives of professions which can be provided by the freelancer online. Also which can be made by means of the computer.

While working with WIIRK freelancer is independent and plans the day him/herself. Still  he is a responsible expert in the business. His own boss but people can rely on him/her as on the reliable performer.

What does the service?

Service takes care for all questions, orders, payment methods, solves controversial problems. Helps with projects, insures you when you are ill. You shouldn’t look for orders, agree about money. All these worries that isn’t convenient to your work. Things which aren’t within your competence. All, that doesn’t concern your work, wiirk undertakes.

Often clients deceive, use cunning, give tasks which weren’t at the beginning, vanish, payments or are very inconvenient, they need strange types of payment, contracts, accounts, explanations, etc. WIIRK is taking care for all these questions, undertaking them.

How I can use wiirk service?

WIIRK is the place, you can come. Turn on the computer and work. It is your virtual office, your workplace with the guaranteed deals.

If you are a freelancer and a specialist of your branch. WIIRK is the place where you will be able to realize your potential. Work in the spirit of the times as the modern expert. Work in the conditions as all modern world! Travel, discover the world, find friends, live in the place where you want to. Live the life but work where and when it is convenient to you. Don’t spend time for daily office routine. Meetings, people even place – what is unpleasant for you. You operate the destiny, live as you want!

Features of the project:

Freelancers are able to work in the project in cooperation with partners/sellers. Share the budget with them. Team is always more effective than 1 person work. Also You can make more done!

Partners bring new clients and thus attract constant orders. Freelancers do their best, without spending time for communication with clients. That most of freelancers often do not do really well, that’s why lots of customers vanish.

What else?

Therefore we offer partners/sellers, to join our project and  to earn on what they are able to do best of all, they receive the % from sales for each order. There is no ceiling or restrictions. There is no control. Partner attracts new clients in his personal methods. It doesn’t matter he calls, puts adverts, writes articles in the blog or distributing business cards at exhibitions.

What can partner sell?

The project offers any services which can be sold freelance in online and can be made online. Partners have ample opportunities of sales, thousands of various services. They all can become your product to sell. Sell what you understand. It can be engineering project, translations into Arabic or programming and design of the websites.

What about the team?

All partners and freelancers work in team and provide the high income at the expense of collaboration of their talents! Help each other to work and live in beat of freedom and independence. Everything depends only on you. Earn as much as you want.

It is smart sharing economy when all participate in work and are left in plus without corporations and laying of firms – intermediaries.

You can construct big business on it having gathered a team of adherents which will enter the international markets or can play on local.


We don’t pay partners a salary, they earn themselves. If you have sold an Internet project creation or a website development. You receive from 10 to 50% from each order. You % depends on complexity of sales in this sphere.  Other part of income  goes to the freelancer and for the project maintenance. It is fair and transparent deal. As everyone gets benefits for the work that he performs.

Freedom and work in pleasure !