Words that sell


Words that sell 


Words that sell – very ambitious phrase! On the market we already have lots of articles and even books that claims to give you answer of selling words. First of all, small question, why do we need those kind of words? To describe something and get costumer to immediate action – simply buying our product, idea, thought and etc.

Giving you the list of most common words that sell. If you are new in marketing, content writing, they can really help you.

Same words also works for selling during the phone call or even mail proposal (not only for content writing).

words that sell


Magic words

Sale – traditional, classical marketing word! We all do love sales – this word motivates costumer.

You – all attention to the buyer – we do care about You!

Real results/guaranteed results – of course your product must give results and guarantees, otherwise why you need to buy?

Free – everyone love free stuff, if you are getting something for free, it motivates to buy.

Easy – it is so important. By buying you try to solve your problem, you don’t need any new problems!

Act now – limited time offer – motivates to take action.

New – product is the cutting edge in your industry, motivates.

Proven – you give guarantees about the product.

100% money-back guarantee – your costumer have to feel safe not only about product, but also about his money.

Thank you – again attention to the buyer, also appreciation and

The power of words

Have you noticed how all words that sell are similar? Read them carefully again. All those words brings lots of emotions. They simple catch attention and awakes some power. Power to decide, to buy –  to take real action not just read and leave the it. Words that sell are words of energy and power!

You are ready to sell!

Think about content that brings emotions – awakes power. It can be not only simple words. It can be phrases and even quotes! Use them. Short words is needed when you are making advertisement, poster. When you are writing content you can put some stories, even video. Words that sell holds more than 10 words, but YES, for sure, you can start from using those 10 selling words. GOOD LUCK!