Product description that calls to action


Product description that calls to action

Product description that sells? Mission impossible? Might be if you are too lazy to make it better! Not sure how to do it write? Read how to write product description that calls to action!

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product description that calls to action


Basic tips of writing product description


There are loads of tips, articles and youtube videos about product description, but still we are reading boring and not selling product descriptions everywhere. Why this is happening? I think, that most of people simply don’t understand that good description is just the algorithm, once you understand it, you just need to repeat it in different words and original text. Nothing else, you don’t need to be super advanced writing expert. Just understand it and repeat it.


Write to your audience.

First of all, imagine your customer, you are writing and selling for human. You must be very clear about your audience to catch the attention. This will help you to decide what kind of words, phrases and even to tone  you should use.


Write your own description.

Most of us somehow think that manufacturer already knew what is most important to client as they use same, uninteresting and not selling descriptions. Seriously? You are writing description and using copy paste text? Don’t use those tricks. Write your own descriptions, use your own words – you are writing to client. What helps you to take decision when you are taking action? Use those things and convert your customer!


Awake customers emotions!

What does that mean? Why and when you are buying? When you feel that the product could solve your problem or make you more happy. You are buying for fun either to solve problem (also, have less bad emotions). So, help client to feel that this will help him. Tell him a story.

Make it easy to read

Use bold titles,  short sentences and bullets – this will focus client to the right places and will help to take decision.


Make sure you have mentioned everything to make a purchase.

Don’t be boring but also don’t forget to mention all the details about the product. This is not the most important and interesting thing to read, but it helps customer to decide and convert. Describing technical parameters you don’t need to be emotional, just bring the details straightly.


Use various synonyms and keywords.

This will help for SEO optimization – you will use relevant words to describe product. Again, it makes your text more interesting for human – buyer.


Test your product description.

Make a small research by changing format, letter size,  even word size. You will be surprised what difference it can make to increase conversion and call costumer to action.



How to Find a Product Description Writer


You have your products, but don’t have time to write your own descriptions. Don’t worry, we all have our own tasks and jobs to do – you can hire someone and forget about those tips about description that converts while writing THE perfect product description. How to choose right? It can require patience.Just follow basic rules while choosing content writer.

-Read carefully how writer describes himself. He is selling his services.

-Look at the reviews and previous work. Other opinion can help you before choosing.

-Contact writer before ordering services – the way he communicates can show a lot more than positive description about himself.


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