How To Write For Social Media


How To Write For Social Media


Writing for social media? Is that the same as writing for the press? Different types of content writing requires different skills, writing for social media is one of the most underestimated. Writing for social media might seem easy, but it has some main rules which should not be forgot.

Let’s start with basics for social media writing!

How To Write For Social Media


Keep it Short and Simple


Social Media has it’s purpose. As you are writing for different medias first of all remember – what purpose do they have (what works on Facebook might flop on LinkedIn.). Your message in social media should be short, clear, effective, also written in casual voice. You are chasing attention of your readers!


Use Action-Oriented Language 


Often used formula for a social media post starts with a thought-provoking question. It catches attention, awakes emotions and leads to action (for example, reading full article). “Do you need to blog for success? Consulting freelancers I found out that this bothers lots of bloggers! You are not alone here! Share your opinion and experiences, we do care!”


Put Your Audience First


Main purpose of writing in social media is to catch attention, this we already mentioned. Don’t be selfish if you want others to get interested. Your reader must get all attention! Write in a way that puts your audience at the center of the message.

Simple. Say “you” more than you say “us.” Here’s a good example: “You are the part of our company, you are our costumer and the reason we are working. Your opinion matters – leave your comments about our changes!”


Punctuation and Capitalization


Play with punctuation and capitalizations. Writing for social media – must awake emotions! Don’t be afraid to emphasize a word or two with capital letters. Same with an exclamation point or even two – it is perfectly okay to show excitement or emotion. 


Write Content People Want to Share


Social media is the place where you can catch your costumer. It gives you opportunity to write posts that your readers will share with other and will bring even more attention. Be very attentive with stuff people want to share. All of them is the appeal to Their Beliefs and Desires:

Educational content;

Informative content;

Entertaining content;

Inspiring content.

This is mostly used tip. Lots of social media writers chase “the number of shares”. Yes, I agree it is important but just make sure your post still values more that number of shares!


Avoid Overly Sales-Driven Messaging


Remember that organic social media content should inform, entertain and awake emotions. That means that your main goal is to find the way to catch attention and sell or to invite for other action (reading whole text, subscribing channel) people without directly sounding like sales commercial.

Here we are not talking about ads content which should be only selling.


Don’t forget to edit


Writing to a large audience leaves plenty of room for mistakes,  misinterpretation, especially when your word count is restricted.  Be sure about your short messages – they must be correct, without any mistakes. You can use your friends help, also use various programs – they do really help!

Social media is a powerful tool for any kind of activity when we are talking about reaching large audience. Use it wisely. It really matters what and how you are writing on social media. Use you writing skills, our writing tips, put value into few words and get attention you are seeking for!


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