Writing content for SEO?


Writing content for SEO? What should You know!

We all know the feeling while reading the text and understanding – it is not interesting, neither informative – it’s just a text full of keywords and written in SEO friendly way.  Obviously the content written on your page, affects it’s ranking in search engines, but still don’t forget that content has to be readable, interesting and catchy.

We are giving some basic, well known, but still often forgotten guidelines.


writing content for seo


Original text

That means you have to be original in both ways. Use your own writing technique and don’t try to copy someone’s text. Short explanation why. You will get attention from the people you really need – your own readers and audience. Other thing You will have ORIGINAL text – what is important for SEO. You know it. Don’t try to cheat there.

Write for readers

Costumer is always right, agree? Biggest mistake happens when search engine robots are in first place. So, write for reader – your customer! Of course, don’t forget crawlers (search engine robots), they are also important – content should be accessible to them.

Be sure, very sure about your grammar and spelling

Double read and double check your grammar and spelling. Be 100% sure your content is faultless. Still have some doubts? If you are new in copywriting give your text for someone who can read and show your mistakes. Mistakes are forbidden.

Use different keywords

Make your content more relevant by using synonyms, grammatical variations and different. It gives energy to your content – makes it more human readable. Also, most search engines use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to match search results  to the intentions of the person performing the search. Using variations is an easy way to make the content relevant and avoid repetitive keywords.

Make sure the content is relevant

Be sure about goals of the page – avoid writing just around the keywords. Your content and text must be relevant to the main idea of the page. All keywords you are using in the text must match the page and idea – your text should keep the same idea as whole page has.

Make it more attractive

Forget those long paragraphs. Catch readers attention by using more sub headlines (relevant to the content), shorter paragraphs and lists. It’s easier to read and more attractive for the reader’s eye.  


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