How To Find Your Freelance Clients 2018


How To Find Your Freelance Clients 2018


How To Find Your Freelance Clients? When talking about the freelance career the most important on your career become search of the clients. Without them you won‘t have money and won‘t get the job (it‘s obvious). So how to find them?

We are giving You tips, which definitely works, especially if You are working with

But before them… Believe us… It is not that difficult! The platform itself helps you as you won’t waste your time doing random advertising everywhere. Concentrate and give your best HERE!


Promote your freelance services


Promote yourself and don’t feel stupid about doing that. Make your portfolio  on and share it to people that you already know.

Check your Facebook friends list or your contacts and you will certainly find some people who have a website. Or maybe they are working in a company which will be interested in your services. You know, word of mouth is a strong one. Go on and share!

If you need more instructions about the portfolio, read here.


Update your clients


Create new deals by adding extra services. Make your profile as colorful, full and clear as possible! It not only helps you to attract new freelance clients but it also shows everybody that you love writing.

Also think about the SEO value in your written content. Using specific keywords will help you find many more clients without searching for them.


Use job board


Another way to find new freelance clients are job boards. There you can find a well-paid deals.

Don’t forget to make the best impression, ask questions, send some examples. You should prove yourself and get their trust. It is all about getting the freelance client and making the best service for him.

If you need more instructions about the job board, read here.


Write with us and promote youself


You can write articles for our blog, share your experience, your own freelance story and tips. Do You remember your experience with first freelance orders? Can you imagine that your story can help someone to learn, but  attract new freelance clients!

Blog and share your tips with our community. Benefits you will get: attention,  trust of the clients and seekers, who will learn from you.


It is not that scary, right? Trust us that’s enough. Concentrate on things that work and achieve your goals. Don’t waste your time and energy – we are here to work and help you!


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