Freelance writer – become the best


Freelance writer – become the best


Freelance writer – the activity or work which is attracting lots of people. Most of us have heard about the positive side of writing itself. But do you see the whole image of this activity? We want to share some tips to become the best freelance writer and be prepared for all situations.


Let’s go!

Being a beginner freelance writer doesn‘t mean that from that minute you become a whole-time manager of your finance. On the one hand, yes. But on the other, you are condemned to make all the mistakes that almost every freshman do. To protect yourself from losses, you should read these tips. Learn how to do it right and stay calm.



Always send a reminder message after answering a job ad. Believe me, the employers gets so many e-mails that it can take a few days or even a week to read them all. But if you send them another message asking if they have already found a writer and that you are still available – it directs them to you.

Show yourself as an expert freelancer

Don‘t let the clients know that you are new in this field (even when it‘s true). That‘s not your advantage for them. Show yourself as an expert freelancer, make them believe that you can and you will do everything in a highest quality. Of course, we are not talking about cheating but don’t shy.


Ask questions

Ask your clients just the most important questions – make sure you understood your client. It can be about the word count, extra questions on theme. You can also ask about payment schedule to be sure. Don‘t overload them with many petty and silly questions which aren‘t necessary. You can read more HERE


Make a good first impression

ALWAYS check your grammar and formatting: fonts, colors, names etc. Untidy text will never help you get the job or make a good first impression to the company.


Never let yourself become complacent

Even when you feel that you are a great freelancer, have many clients and a lot of money. Living a comfortable life when working the job you enjoy is a perfect combination. But you are never sure that it will last. So always act like it‘s a beginning: check the job boards, send cold pitches and so on.


Use for project managing will help you simpler understand all the work you have now. You can manage all projects in one account. Follow all of your booked projects and contact your customers using My orders 

In that way you will always know all the processes and you will see them clearly in front of the eye.


Start blogging

Start writing articles and become an expert in our blog. It‘s a perfect way to get your first freelance writing client and to show what kind of work are you doing.

We do appreciate our writers and encourage them to grow together – write and share with community.

You can send your blog articles and have everything in one platform – starting from profile, portfolio (start selling) to your own writing examples in the blog!


Don‘t feel too much confident

Clearly consider your worth and don‘t feel too much confident. Even if you have a degree in such a field that doesn‘t mean you will be successful. Before asking to be paid a lot you should have what to show.

We even suggest to agree on your first deals for a bit lower price. Earn the respect from costumers – you will get results from it sooner than you think.


Be a professional in a one niche

Clients seek writers who can write about specific field, not about everything. Because everything often means nothing.


Use social media

Have an account on platform. Prepare a candy look profile and portfolio. Read more here.  After that you share your portfolio on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn and etc.


Personal projects

Work not only for your clients, but also create your personal projects. It should be something that is interesting for YOU. Not because someone else asked for it. And also in
that way you may be noticed by your future clients.


Learn new skills

Even if you have no time for that. I mean, you can always find some time. Especially when learning new skills can improve your work and earn more money.

After that you will only add the services and will have a bigger client variety.



Plan your goals and think about how can you grow your freelance career. Where do you see
yourself after a year or two? Or even after a week?


Want to share your success story? Write to us job(@)!

We will share it with all our readers!

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