3 simple steps for becoming a freelance writer


3 simple steps for becoming a freelance writer

Step one

Dreaming about freelance writer job? It may seem hard not being controlled by someone who runs all the deal but being your own king of time. As a freelancer you are responsible just for yourself and your own time-schedule. A freelancer is defined as someone who is engaged in supplemental, temporary, project or contrast-based work within the last 12 months. The statistics of freelance workers in USA are 34 percent of all America‘s workforce. It‘s unbelievable that it‘s almost half of all working people there! If talking about the age of freelancers – there are more younger than 35 years old people working as a freelancers but it doesn‘t mean that people over 35 can‘t be them.

About professional skills

Being a freelancer also requires some professional skills that you will get while trying to be the best. First you have to start with the positive view to challenges you will face – you should believe in yourself and your ability to get things done perfectly. This feature should reflect in your work because just when you see your worth, everybody else will see it, too. Other thing which is very important not only for freelance writers but for all of us – you should learn and improve every day. You should keep your mind and eyes open to the new things and experience. You can start training your writing skills for a certain topics which interests you in and try to know more. That is beneficial not only for your knowledge of particular things but also for people who will hire you because of your wide view and common sense.

Step two

Second thing – you shouldn‘t be that hate-online-network person. It means you should be involved in some websites or somewhere where people can find your work examples. Also your personal data. Being a good freelance writer isn‘t just being a good writer. It‘s also about being an attractive personality too. People will hire you if they like how you present yourself. The best way to do it is to have a website in which people can find your professional social media accounts links. A link to your blog and a few positive reviews. If you still need an extra persuasion – statistic shows that internet helped to find a work for 65 percent of freelancers and 31 percent of them said that it‘s possible to find a job in less than 24 hours when searching online. You can try this on freelancing.

How to become a freelance writer?

websites either you are professional or a beginner. When you find a company you want to work with. Do a research for it – what are their attitudes. What they actually need from you. Then you have to make a good first impression clearly conveying your idea. Who you are. And don‘t forget to be friendly and polite despite that you really want to be the best.

Step three

Now when you have done these 2 steps you are ready to build your own business. It means that it‘s time for you to get paid for your work. For that you should set your minimum valuation including personal and business overheads, hours worked and taxes. You can estimate the price by the hour or by the job. In both cases it‘s important to consider your productivity. Your competency, your work speed and how much effort you need. Don‘t forget to set the payment terms because there is always a possibility that you can be paid later than you expected.

You should be a social person. Always create and sustain a good relationships with other people especially with those who can help finding a job. 53 percent of freelancers find the job through the word communication. 51 percent through the personal contacts. So the basis is your ability to hold the conversation with important people. As if accidentally mention that you are a freelancer (or maybe people see it in your face).

Final tip

And remember always – always keep some backup money. You can‘t always know when they will be your last or the one thing that can help you from the bottom. I hope that you red these tips carefully and decided to follow them. Then i can guarantee – it will not happen to you. Some statistics for the end – it‘s estimated that by 2020 over 40 percent of the USA workforce will be freelancers or other temp workers – will you be one of those?


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