How to become a freelancer: 8 steps to freelance success 2018

How to become a freelancer

How to become a freelancer with Have you ever thought that you can change your life by working online and remotely from anywhere in the world? Even better if you are thinking about new experience or searching for the job. We are giving you a full article about online work possibility with platform –  get additional or even full time orders by selling your own services!

We all do expertise in different fields. Maybe you are good at writing, design, programming, or you have other professional skills? You can sell your service in our freelance marketplace! Can you imagine that every day millions of people in all the world are looking for freelancers like you!

Become a freelancer with and you will get the unique opportunity to sell your services no matter where you live, what is your nationality, gender or any other stereotypes.

You get your own freelance service marketplace with an already installed infrastructure to start the work immediately:  electronic payments, marketing solutions, the flow of clients and other communication tools necessary to accomplish works are already there for you.

Generally, working through the executor can provide services for the clients, who are in any place of the world without any financial investment.

All you need is: professional skills or specialization in any concrete field of service, properly filled out information of profile (portfolio) and qualitative descriptions of provided services.


Now we introduce 8 steps how to become a freelancer with


  1. Join the freelance community

Please notice you should register as a seller – it is the only way to become a freelancer.
You will get active reference in your email, which you need to verify. You can also register via Facebook – simple and convenient.

Once connected to the platform, you enter your personal work space – virtual office.


2. Make your profile attractive

Upload your photo and write short introduction about yourself, your working skills. It is important for the client not only to get to know you, but also to see your qualities.  Y
ou can manage your profile HERE.

3. Create your portfolio – START SELLING


Add information about your services by creating the portfolio. Yes, your own deals, describing, your experience and your own product. Also your clients need actual proof of your work and skills. If you want to become a freelancer and get really well paid orders you should give some attention to your image.

You can create your portfolio using Start SellingStep 1. Specify what kind of services you can provide and how much your services are going to cost.
Customers always pays attention to services with short and clear title. What is more clear? Final price. Also, it helps customer to trust you.

Step 2. Explain what includes the price. Be specific and make sure that your client will get the best service.

Make it clear

Step 1. To guarantee fluent collaboration, make questions for your client. Questions should contain work process, and all the important details of the order. It should help you understand your clients needs better.
Step 2. Add tags
Step 3. Add photo for your deal – it might be poster or even your work example.


Want to offer more?


Perhaps your main service can even be better? You can suggest extra options – additional  services –  extra consultation, extra edition, short deadline feature and etc.
Add additional information and everything what might make your client even happier.

4. Publish your Deal!


Now you are not only have a profile, you also have a portfolio. You can create several types of services. If you are expert in different fields – you can sell your services in several different niches. Let the world know, what you’re capable of.


5. Find the job offers

You can also choose from already existing orders and participate in auction!
Step 1 – Go to List of Jobs
tep 2 – Find the order you’re interested in
Step 3 – add the offer

6. Sell Your experience and Your service!

After adding your offer shortly explain to the client, why you’re the best to performe it. 

Of course, firstly you can also ask the most important questions and only after that offer your price.


7. How to work with your orders?


You was chosen to be performer? CONGRATULATIONS! Start your order. Do not forget to submit the bill – none of the orders are started until your time is reserved.

8. Your orders


Follow all of your booked projects and contact your customers using My orders 


It all sounds really good, right? Can you imagine, that this could be your online office, where you can see your customers and work remotely day to day (even on your vacation, if needed).




Have any questions? Contact us – job(@) we will answer all of your questions.

If you need more detailed information about freelance itself, selling and dealing with the clients. Follow our online wiirk magazine

We have the team, who are willing to share their experience – our blog writer team. We do believe that we can achieve more by working as the team, so become the part of the community and let’s work and grow together!


How to become a freelancer with

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