What Do You Need To Know About Freelancing


What Do You Need To Know About Freelancing


Freelancing is becoming more and more popular occupation or even permanent job. This profession serves up for all the talented people who wants to be their own time lords while having a well-paid career. If it sounds attractive to you – you should read this short article presenting the life of a freelancer.


Freelancer is a person responsible for his actions alone without terms set by the boss. You only work for yourself: it means you set the rules, but also you are accountable for the certain person or a company. You are able to choose your clients, their amount and your work quantity, too. Work when you want, where you want and for this much money as you want.


Nevertheless that freelancing can sound like a risky profession, it‘s also full of advantages. There are lower taxes, your own agenda and also more money. All that means that at least you will be a happy worker (if not a happy person overall). Feel like it‘s time to go to the cafe but you still have a lot to do? Go for it – you will do that at the cafe (or anywhere you want) because mostly the only thing you need is a wifi. Just be sure you will be able to focus on your tasks.


Also freelancing has a few negatives. There is always a posibility that you won‘t get paid or even won‘t get a job. Also there is an unsuitability of work quantity and if something bad happens to you while working as a freelancer – nobody is responsible for that but you. You can get as much work as you want and as you can take – take more work so you can get a higher proceeds. Being a freelancer you should always know how to avoid those mistakes in order to be a successful individual working on his own.

Your account

Your first task as a successful freelancer is to have a personal account where your clients can see all the main information about you, your services, contact details and examples of your work. Also it‘s useful to have a good logo which draws the attention of a client‘s eye. A portfolio is a MUST. There should be all your best projects and other works related to your freelancing career.

Set the price

When setting the price for your work you can use 3 techniques: cost plus pricing, market race pricing and value driven pricing. Also you can choose how often you want to get paid. It can be daily, weekly, hourly or even based on the project you are working. Also it‘s about your client. If he is a constant customer of your services you want to give him a discount? Everything depends on you.


The important things are marketing and promotions. You should work on your social media accounts, take care of enough positive testimonials and even offer a free trial. You can find job offers on job boards, online freelancing marketplaces or…you can spread the message about yourself to your friends and colleagues – the word of mouth advertising is a strong one.


To build and keep the strong relationships between you and your client. You should set the rules (and sometimes break those rules) to know what‘s right for you and what‘s right for your client. You can be that savior who picks up the phone at the midnight or you can turn off the sound and sleep well. It‘s great if you are flexible and you can adapt to the situation at that moment because only in that case you will make the best solution. To avoid those „midnight help“ problems you should communicate with your clients regularly. They will feel more calm and you will gain more trust about yourself and your services. Let them know that everything is in your trustworthy hands.


Don‘t forget to look at a calendar. If you have (i guess you really have) more than a one project at the moment, it will help you follow all deadlines and upcoming projects. Also it will help you be more organized – you can easily plan other activities.


Be honest for your clients but at the same time be more honest for yourself. Yes, i‘m talking about money. You should be paid exactly at that time when you need (it should be established before and also discuss it with the client). Also, you MUST get payment (i mean, in general). Don‘t let anybody use your services for free when it‘s not an agreement. The best is when you are paid before the project is over – then you are guaranteed that everything is alright. If somebody hadn’t paid you – do not trust them again.


Finally – freelancing is working on your own, so don‘t forget to work hard, but not too hard. Your health is important for building the successful freelancer‘s career. Don‘t put money before your wealth being. Always keep some money for a rainy day, for example, holidays. When you won‘t get payment and also for your taxes – you should pay for them yourself. Freelancer is a perfect profession – everything is in your hands – build your future.



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