How To Sell Yourself (When Sending a First Pitch)


How To Sell Yourself (When Sending a First Pitch)


How to sell yourself when sending the first pitch? Finally you found a great job offer for a freelance writing – don‘t wait and send a pitch. You are ready to send the message and get that job. BUT you can‘t push that „send“ button. Why? Because you are feeling worse than others, you are not perfect, you don‘t have a certain degree. You won‘t have the answer, you won‘t get that job. STOP THAT. Stop these thoughts. We all sometimes and especially in the beginning have that kind of thoughts. But that‘s not true. You ARE worth that job. You ARE good enough. I will give you some tips how to calm down and send that pitch.


Respect your efforts.

You gave away much of your time searching for a freelance writing job. Now you found the job you were looking for. You were persistent to do that. So mark this challenge as an achievement and send that pitch. It‘s important HOW you got there. Don‘t think about what you can and what you can‘t do. Just SEND THAT EMAIL.


Don’t judge yourself .

Don‘t think that the clients won‘t like your writing. It‘s a process depending on every person. Everyone has their own writing style. That makes the freelance writing interesting – for you and for your clients. It‘s a very low chance that the company will look at your work and say that your writing skills are bad. The pitch you send is personalized, but it‘s not personal.


Set goals.

Set a goal about how many pitches you should send per day. If you are a freelance writer, you should find yourself a job. So do it. Don‘t get stuck on that one client whose answer you are waiting the most. Write for the others.


Have more opportunities.

Give yourself an opportunity to have more than a one job at the same time. Don‘t waste your time improving that one pitch. Personalize that one pitch and send it to the others. Don‘t be scared if you get all the jobs. It will not happen. If accidentally it happened – take them Show that you can do that and take more clients.


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