Tips for being noticed as a blogger


Tips for being noticed as a blogger


Always dreamed about blogger career? Maybe you are already a blogger-beginner writing every day. Dealing with the most interesting topics and stories from your own life but still have zero views? Sorry, not zero. There are few – one from your best friend, another one is from your co-worker and a third one is from a mysterious stranger who is the one always following everything you do. Actually there are some simple steps getting more views and making your blog more interesting for the others.

Lessons You should learn



First of all, blogger have to create a good content. It should be valuable because you can use and accomplish it and even gain profit from it. For example usable content is where you can know how to do one thing or another (how-to guides), lists and podcasts. Remember, if blogger can create a high quality content – he will never loose because it is simply adapted to almost every topic you can write about.


Second thing – your blog content should be relevant not only today but also after a few months or a year. Blogger should examine what is important now not only in your perspective, city or country. It should be important for all the people in the world who can see posts. For example, nowadays the delicate problems are enviroment, our enviromentally unfriendly lifestyle, poverty in Africa and so on. This content maybe isn‘t that interesting comparing to that one about this season fashion trends but it will bring  more views later because it is always relevant.


Lesson three – bloggers do not write long essays. They are just for your bachelor‘s degree and for letters to love of your life. People like when it‘s clear and simple that they can read it, for example, through their coffee break at work, not for the whole evening. Conversations, humor and witty stuff are always welcome. There should be an action, entertainment and personalism. Talking about „you“ and „i“, not about someone who somewhere done something. Blog posts should be the ones people want to share with their friends as if it‘s the best thing they have red today.

In addition

Have you heard about SEO? If the answer is negative – google it. When writing a text do at least the basics required for a SEO if you are beginner or jump over that and make it 100 percent. Also when gaining popularity it can be useful to create a list of bloggers and ask them to post your content on their social media websites. If not all, some of them will certainly do that, believe it.



It‘s obvious that you have seen some interesting content in the social media despite yours. What do you do after reading it? Start comparing yourself to those who wrote about what you wanted to write first? There is no comparing, you are just great as they are – just don‘t be lazy, work hard and give them feedback, a real opinion of yours, not a self-promotion comment. It‘s beneficial to read relevant blogs. You can not only share your opinion but also find useful information for your own future content.

Tips for being noticed as a blogger
Tips for being noticed as a blogger


Remember that there are just a few times when you are talking about some issue in your post for the first time. Often some people done that before you. So when you write some new posts, mention links to related posts of the others. Probably some of them will repost and share your posts. It‘s valuable for them – but for you also. In that way you can find even companions to your further work.


Also your relationships with other bloggers can be held through direct messages and their content reposting. It‘s good to do that with bloggers who write there more and for a longer time – you will gain respect from them asking for help or just trying to make a connection.

Link your site

Always have a link to your site in your self-description part. People who aren‘t your friends can see what stuff are you doing. Also it‘s very important to collect emails of people who is or will be interested in your new content. So you can share your posts with them immediately. You can offer them something valuable, not only ask to join your mailing list. You can also read.

Social networking

The last and important thing is to use social media networks. It should be not only the popular ones like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles. The good idea is to create a member group for your blog. Share your content with only the members of group. And don‘t forget that possibly you won‘t see the result instantly. It can take six months or even longer but if you are stubborn – you will make it the best. Read also.


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