Write compelling infographics


Write compelling infographics



Questioning what is infographics? There is a new effective way of getting across a lot of information in a very short amount of time. Correctly used combination of images and text can educate reader in all kinds of topics and issues.  Secret of infographics is that they’re so simple to understand and pleasant to look at, they’re something that you may want to try. If you’re interested, check out these seven ways you can crate your own compelling and exciting infographic copy.

Write short and snappy headline.

To make effective first impression, use numbers, adjectives and keywords in your headline. Don’t forget to clarify how your infographic will benefit the reader in the end.

Number ­– Adjective – Noun – Keyword – Promise

Write a good introduction.

It’s a paragraph, which explains the topic or a problem and provides context. Structure it and be clear, if it goes too many words, then you can run the risk of clicking them away and finding something else to read.

Structure your infographic.

Every infographic can follow the structure that looks something like this:


Strong and catchy


Sum up what your infographic contains

Section of subheadings

Identify different topics in your Infographic, draw the reader from one topic to the next.

 Chart and graph labels

Make chart and explain it in a few words with graph labels.

Sources and footnotes

If you’re using other sources it’s better if you linked them.


Proofread everything you write

If you’ll make even one mistake in your image, best case scenario – it will be embarrassing, worst case scenario – it can actually change the meaning of whole text.


Don’t overload graphics with text

As one of the rules, you can’t have more text than images in your infographic. The average word count of an infographic is between 150 and 400 words.


Include explanatory narrative

The images of your infographic are playing the most important card of your visualization, so the accompanying text should simply explain what your readers are seeing without adding new ideas.


Don’t forget to include branding

Be sure your branding is included in the image. This is the best link to your website, or more visual branding in your chosen colors or design schemes.


Read more. We are really willing to give you tips and knowledge which can help!

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