How to write discreet reviews (both positive and negative)


How to write discreet reviews

Nowadays people are buying many things on the internet, so if they don‘t like or like something – they usually can‘t say that eye to eye. There is a section in every companies „Facebook“ account, also on the other web portals – it is named reviews. We can just look at that section without doing nothing and we see how many „stars“ that company or individual seller has.

If you see many negative reviews – how to understand it? Can you trust the seller? Will he send you the order? Also there are few positive ones…but now you can‘t trust somebody completely. Doesn‘t seem like this situation is very familiar to you? That you have also experienced that before? So that‘s what we will talk about – the reviews.

What to do first

There is no big secret that reviews highly affects not only the buyer but also, and first of all, the seller. You should always think twice before writing a review – it doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative. In both cases you should think about its content – it will really affect the seller.



Sometimes it happens that you want to leave a review but you don‘t know what to say. You think that the service was right but you can‘t explain why. Or you are outraged, the emotions are „boiling“ and you want to say that everything was bad. But that‘s not true, right? Not everything was bad, maybe just a detail or a few. Always try to understand your emotions and why you liked or disliked some places or services. Writing a positive review without comment is useless for the seller. Yes, the total rate increase but they don‘t know what they did good and how can they repeat it when communicating with the others.
People think that the reviews are as strong as personal recommendations so don‘t be a misleading person.


What about negative?


Sometimes it‘s difficult to leave a negative review, especially if the service you took was complicated. Then you feel like owing something to service provider so it‘s really unpleasant to be such a bad person and leave a negative review. You can solve the problem by letting your feelings calm down a little bit so you can leave more objective review later.


Middle path?


The truth about average reviews is that when future clients sees them they thinks that you wanted to rate lower but also tried to be polite so that‘s why you chosen a safe option – to stay in the middle. It‘s a really misleading move: people don‘t know what to think but what they tend to think about these average reviews is that they are negatives. Usually when you leave a 3-star-review you really want to rate lower but you are worying about the future purchasers.


Be specific


We all must note that it‘s nothing bad to leave a negative review. Even opposite – it‘s a good thing for a seller to learn from. But don‘t forget to leave a comment below a negative review and say what specifically made you feel unsatisfied.


They are not always right!

Reviews are also a valuable thing for you. Through that you can show what kind of a client are you and how high you put up your requirements for a service. Also don‘t forget that a seller can leave a review for you, too. But keeping that in mind shouldn’t provoke you to leave only positive reviews.

The reviews aren‘t always right. Sometimes they can not show the real „face“ of the service or the sellers behaviour. Each of us are different and see things through different perspectives – for the one the service quality may seem perfect and for the other one – poor. But it always shows how the service affected exactly US from the first-hand experience.

Every future client should understand that reviews not always show everything. Not everyone who are writing reviews are able to write them correctly and clearly. So before you choose the seller you should think about why YOU decided to choose exactly this one, what is important for you and what comments can really affect your choices.


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