Writer types – how to choose the best option?


Writer types – how to choose the best option?


Writer types – how to choose the best option? Today we are living in the world full of different images and it has already became above our other abilities. For example, not all of us are good writers. But almost everyone needs the person who can write professional content. If you just started your business or just creating your website it‘s good to know WHAT and HOW to write. It is not enough to know the technique, it should also look interesting and professional.

Of course, you don‘t have that much money or you don‘t want to spend that amount of money for the services you need. You will try to escape from the situation with a limited budget. I have to say that you really can do that. What is important. You should know where to find the pro writers for a less. Nevertheless you can always choose from a few types of writers offering different services with the prices from low to high.

Writer types depending on their abilities and service prices

1. Basic writer

Writer, who is a business copywriter. He works fast (that‘s a big pro) and you can have it in affordable way (what you really want for a start). You will have your great content created and the ability to boost your SEO. Also you can get introductory rate and get a fast delivery or an extra revision if you pay just a little bit more.

2. Advanced writer

The writer, who can offer great services if your businesses aren’t very large. If you hire this one, your ordered service will come with a revision, keyword research, implementation and internal and external links. The content will be around 500-1500 words and it will be useful for your business-boosting. Also if you have some extra money you can devote them for speeding up the creation process.

3. Very advanced writer

Those kind of writers already know their price. They already offer different types of service packages. As they know their value and their costumer.  Don‘t worry – you won‘t get a lower quality service just because you bought a simple one – the writer pretends to be just as responsible and caring for every service you take. All these services costs more than you want to pay but you can choose from all topics and the amount of words you want. Now it doesn’t seem that much, yes?

4. The brand creator

Can I find a good writer for a low price? A tempting package for the $850 which includes: 5 unique posts created just for you, keyword research with backlinking, content uploading into CMS and a special content calendar which will be useful for you in the future. Also you can work with this writer on a long-term partnership – it creates a great possibility to stay loyal. This kind of writer can write about everything, even if you think that the business you are doing is very special – it‘s not a problem for him to concentrate specifically for your brand.

5. The master of the writers

We can call this writer a monster of all the contents. His work is so good that he can work even for the famous people and give you more than professional services. You can also choose from the basic, standard and premium packages for $780, $1,180, and $1,580. The amount of money looks large but it‘s no big deal when we are talking about the PERFECT content which will be seen by everyone in the world.

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